COVID-19: How are we keeping our employees safe

Our priorities in this time of COVID-19 are making sure our employees remain safe, our customers are fully serviced, and our consumers remain provisioned with heathy fruit and vegetables.

In addition to our existing rigorous food safety protocols, such as:

  • Wearing Masks
  • Hand Washing & Sanitizing
  • Daily Temperature Checks
  • Safe Distancing
  • Avoiding Contact
  • Hands-free Doors

we have implemented a number of additional actionable tactics to keep our employees safe.  A few of these tactics include:

  • In depth employee training on personal sanitation and hygiene, proper social distancing, and recognizing symptoms typical of Covid-19.
  • Health specialist on-sight to taking temperatures of all employees and visitors entering the 4Earth offices and facilities.
  • Requiring all employees and visitors to wear a mask while on the 4Earth Farms property. We have been providing our employees with three or more cloth face masks.
  • Offering full face shields.
  • Increasing the number of times per day that doorknobs, handles, countertops and other exposed, high-touch surfaces are being sanitized.  Sanitizing all common areas every two hours.

  • Removing all doorknobs on our main facility entry doors and adding kick plates so doors can be opened hands free.
  • Establishing designated entrance and exit doors.
  • Increasing deep cleanings of our floors, production room, locker rooms and lunch facilities.
  • Installation of hands-free washing stations at the entrance of our production rooms and Adding additional hands-free wash stations at the entrance to our warehouse.

  • Adding tables to our lunch areas to allow employees to spread out and keep a safe distance during lunch and break times.
  • Installing plexiglass dividers on all lunch and breakroom tables to ensure physical separation of employees.
  • Adding additional stainless-steel tables in our repack rooms to spread team members out to six feet or more. Supervisors are trained to monitor and ensure employees are maintaining proper distances.
  • Limiting drivers and visitors to only one in our front check-in lobby at a time. A 4Earth employee is stationed at our door to ensure drivers and guests waiting to enter maintain a six-foot distance from each other.

  • Adding signs at our facility entrance listing symptoms of Covid-19 and encouraging anyone entering to conduct a self-diagnosis, return to their vehicle and call our HR department if they exhibit any of the symptoms.
  • Limiting all company meetings to six or less if conducted in our large meeting rooms. All other meetings are stand up meetings in common office areas.
  • Adding signs and visual aid tools to show safe distance for employees in our production area and lunchroom
  • Staggering employee lunch breaks to facilitate maintaining a safe distance

  • Implementing forklift and pallet jack touch areas sanitation through the shift
  • Placing Quat mats at entrance of the facility and in other high pass through areas.
  • Providing fresh fruit and vegetable boxes for all of our employees every Friday so their families can enjoy a wide range of healthy 4Earth produce. Placing health and safety flyers in each box so that our teams can share in Covid-19 prevention tactics with their families.

We are working closely with our farms and farm packing facilities to ensure they are implementing additional tactics to safeguard their employees and enhance their food safety programs.

  • Increasing employee training and education on Covid-19 and personal sanitation and proper social distancing.
  • Increasing sanitation of all work surfaces, harvest tools, tractors and storage areas.
  • Expanding break areas and increasing supervision of harvest crews and packing crews to ensure proper distancing.
  • Evaluating harvest and packing crews daily to ensure teams are free from any Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Communicating daily with 4Earth and monitoring of border activity to ensure the smooth flow of fresh produce from farms to the 4Earth facility.