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How do you keep your products fresh?

The film bags we use include a coating that keeps excess moisture from building up inside the bag, that causes the vegetables to decay; the bags also contain a modified atmosphere to keep the produce in a state of suspended animation to slow the decaying process. The bags are also micro perked, meaning tiny microscopic holes are placed in the bags to help manage the oxygen and carbon dioxide inside. Our produce remains fresh 14-18 days after packing, when sealed.

Why is there no “best by” date?

Our packaging includes a “packed on” date. The produce remains fresh 14-18 days after packing, when sealed.

Can you freeze Brussels Sprouts?

Yes! It is best to blanch them first so that they may retain their color, texture, and flavor. To blanch your vegetables, dunk them in boiling water for about 2-3 minutes. Drain them, and immediately plunge them into ice water. After draining, place them in freezer bags or containers and place in the freezer.

Does your citrus have wax on them?

After being washed, our citrus is coated with bees wax.

Are any of your products genetically modified?

No. All of our produce is free from GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Where is your produce grown?

Our produce is grown in USA, Mexico, and Guatemala. Please visit our Where We Grow & Our Produce section to see where our organic and conventional items are grown.

Have there been any recalls?

In the event of one, we send out a notification to all parties involved, as well as provide information on our website on how to handle the recalled product.

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Does your packaging contain any bpa, and is it microwave safe?

Our packaging does not contain any BPA.

Is the packaging microwave safe?

Our produce can be safely steamed in the bag in minutes when you heat them in the microwave.

Is your packaging recyclable?

97% of our packaging can be recycled with #2 or #5 plastics, and we are doing everything we can to make it 100% as soon as possible.
Please visit Our Packaging page for more details.

How does micro perforation in the bags and packaging differ from nitrogen gas flush that’s used in the packaging of some fresh products like salads?

Micro perforation is the process of placing tiny microscopic holes in the bag. Nitrogen can do the same thing, however, the micro perforation has tested better at diminishing the accumulation of natural gases and keeping the vegetables fresher longer vs. nitrogen.

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Where can we buy your products?

Please contact your local store for current product availability.

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